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Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Having a place to share my writing with a larger audience is one goal of this blog, but nit the only one. I also intend to share my life with my friends out there, and so through the week I will be posting on what’s going on. Today’s post is like that.
About a year ago, my wife noticed a strange lump in her left breast. She has had fibrocystic issues for a long time, so lumps were not new, but these were different enough to send us to a doctor. They did the mammogram/xray/ultrasound thing, said “Yeah, those are lumps…come back in six months and we”ll look again.” Time passed, and the lumps got bigger and more painful, so we went back earlier than 6 months…good thing too.  Biopsies confirmed cancer, early stage but very aggressive and growing fast. Time to get moving on treatment.
June 1st was surgery day.  We had talked through the options, and decided double mastectomy was the best answer…Karen (my wife) is a very petite woman, and the surgeon was concerned that lumpectomies would leave misshapen, uneven breasts, and might not get all the cancer, so we went all the way.  We also decided to postpone reconstruction, until treatment was finished, to reduce complications.
Complications has become a familiar word to us, lately. After the mastectomy, her blood pressure zoomed up, and it took a week and medication to get it normal enough to go home.  She went in for an outpatient procedure to have her catheter implanted, developed a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and spent another  week in hospital, followed by a two-week recovery.

Finally, today she starts chemotherapy. As I write this she is grumping around in the closet looking for “going to chemo clothes” (I don’t know what that means, and I don’t think she does either, that’s a big part of the problem.) There is so much unknown in front of us…the only thing we have been able to depend upon is the hand of God holding on to us, keeping us safe, and wrapping us in loving people, from the church and others. The future is so uncertain, but the eventual ending is sure…to quote the Apostle Paul, in Phil. 1:21 : “To live is Christ, to die is gain.” 

So we are off to live today for Christ, and if we die, it’s Him we gain…I can work with that, I think. Pray for us, and I will post updates later this week.


Following hard after Him,


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