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Hello everyone, my name is Nick Ortega, and I am a writer, a Christian preacher, and if I understand my calling, I am supposed to be a pastor at some point in the future. This is not my first blog, but perhaps this one will be the beginning of a serious attempt to be faithful in following my Lord Jesus Christ.
The hardest part of anything is often getting started. I have procrastinated writing a blog again because I had no idea what to say; but I always have a lot to say…I sometimes can’t shut up, if I am to be completely honest! So that is no excuse. I need a better answer, and because God is gracious He has given me one.
I worship at a small Southern Baptist church in the near-Northside of Houston, Texas…just inside the city limits, in a poor, racially diverse, not-fancy-enough-to-gentrify neighborhood. I did not grow up in church; in fact lived a rebellious, self-sufficient, always failing life until I was into my late 30’s. That story, of how a loving and gracious God reached into my lost and broken life to pull me up into the light, will wait for another time.  I recognize the value of testimonies, but i would much rather focus on how good God is today …and how He intends to use me in His plans. One way is to be a bible teacher. Let me expand on that.

I always excelled in school in any endeavor that required me to take in, process, and report on any set of facts…one of my unique blessings is to be able to absorb vast, disparate, seemingly unrelated gobs of data, find the common themes and correlations, and express them to others in a way that makes the relationships understandable. But…I never accepted that I can teach. I never wanted the responsibility, to be candid about it.  Finally, after years of encouragement from two different Sunday school teachers and my pastor, I agreed to take on the teaching of an adult Sunday class.

That was nine months ago, and I never feel so used, so blessed, as when I am deep into preparing my lessons, and then sharing them with my class. I taught from prepared curricula for a time, but grew frustrated with the underlying agenda behind the material – I felt it was distracting from the study of what the Scriptures actually said. So I began writing my own lessons, doing straight exposition and exegesis, aided by commentaries and prayer. I chose the Gospel of John as my starting point, because this book holds a special place in my heart. I truly believe you could read just the writings of John (the gospel, the 3 letters, and Revelation) and understand everything you ever need to know about Jesus and eternity.

So, at least in the beginning, I will be posting the text of my Sunday school lessons, as taught in The Disciples class (Adult III), at Rittenhouse Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.  I welcome all comments, critiques, and insights…I do not claim to be a Johannine scholar, I have no degrees or certificates to my name;  I am only a student myself, sharing my observations, opinions, and discoveries of God’s wonderful, revealing Word as I try to lead others into the mystery. Please join me on the journey, we have such a great destination waiting for us!

Following hard after Him,


  1. Nicky,

    Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus our King! I hope this small letter finds you and yours in His rest.

    You have been gracious enough to stop by my little blog and like some of the entries, and I bookmarked your blog to visit when I had the chance. Well, tonight I have the chance.

    I am looking forward to reading you, and seeing what our Father is doing in your life.

    I will definitely comment, believe me. I enjoy dialogues when they are made available.

    Until such time,
    as a brother,

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    The Unapologetic Prophet
    (Kingdom Son Blog)