Words For Wednesday – Nicky

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I just had this thought rolling around in my head, and needed to share it so it will let me sleep tonight – thanks for reading!

When someone hurts us, it is our natural instinct to cry out for Justice – We have been wronged, and a price must be paid. (This is the essence of God’s case against humanity – He has been wronged, grieved, injured by our sin, and His justice demands propitiation.)

The difference between vengeance and grace is in what we are willing to accept as payment: Vengeance says, “I have suffered,  so you must suffer as I have;”  while Grace says instead, “I have suffered, and I do not wish another to suffer like that. I will therefore give my pain to God, and accept His peace instead.”

– Nick Ortega

  1. I like it.

    I see it as this:
    Vengeance says: You will suffer since I suffered.

    Grace says: You don’t have to suffer, since I did it for you.

    Just a thought. Blessings, Nicky, to you and yours.

    • nicky301 says:

      I’m humbled when I see my thought expressed better by another…thank you.
      I was coming at it more about the grace we as Christ-followers are expected to show…”I did not suffer for you, but I do know that hurting you will not heal me; more suffering is not the answer…He has already suffered, once for all.”