Introductions and introspections

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Today was meet and greet at the prison: we bring our participants in, sit 75 people in a circle, and speak a minute or so each on who we are, where we’re from, etc. In a group this size that takes some time, and I found myself listening to their answers and remembering what my time behind bars was like. That’s one reason I do this work – I can relate to the hopelessness in here, and I think Jesus is a better answer.

All that remembering makes me that much more grateful to God for saving Me from myself… in the morning I get to deliver the opening talk, my topic is Choices. We want these men to understand that they got where they are in life because they made choices that had consequences. All choices do; no matter how badly we want to escape it, we must all eventually pay. (Prison makes that message easier to receive) We aren’t trying to make them feel bad, but until men realize they are responsible for what they so, how can repentance even seem reasonable?

But, man, writing that talk sure does me no gentle kindness. God doesn’t waste anything…He gives me this assignment, and gets two rounds of soul searching for His money! There are still many things I must repent of, many choices I have made from selfish or unkind motives, that Jesus is not gonna let me make it on – I have to choose to change. He is Lord, and I must submit, lest He say, “I never knew you.”

That’s all for tonight, got some other work to do before bed, and we go in at seven am. Look for another update tomorrow.

Following hard after Him,

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