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That declaration sums up the theme of the first full day in the prison. The program is a short course in the Gospel, with a series of ten talks and related activities, where we try to express the wonderful gifts of love and forgiveness that Jesus offers to all who will accept Him. Today’s focus is on ourselves; we talk about personal responsibility, and how the choices we make have costs and consequences. We talk about how God wants a relationship with us, and about how He provides a community to help us maintain that relationship. Tomorrow the discussion will center on forgiveness – both receiving it and giving it, as a means of overcoming negative choices in the past, and empowering better decisions in the future.

I delivered my talk this morning, and as usual, the Lord replaced many of many words with His own; sometimes I wish we could record this stuff, because I don’t really hear what I’m saying… I’m too busy listening to the Spirit in my ear informing my speech as I give it! I know I was used today,I could see the lights coming on in their eyes as I spoke.

Giving that talk was the hardest thing I have ever done. God required me to share a part of my testimony I never talk about, things I am truly ashamed of… but apparently they needed to hear it- half a dozen men came up after to tell me I was giving their story. That’s how this works… He uses what He has done in our lives to demonstrate what He can do in their lives, that they may have hope, which is in very short supply in that place. (Many of these men will likely die in there, it is a maximum security unit.) It’s that opportunity that draws me here, the chance to relay the message that it’s never too late to come to the cross, lay our burdens down, and find rest.

I am excited by what tomorrow will bring, and exhausted from today, so it’s off to bed and up early again in the morning. I will break normal scheduling and post through the weekend to finish the story for you. Next week when I’m back home I’ll share some links to the ministry, in case you ever feel moved to learn more about prison work, and how you can get involved. See you tomorrow!

Following hard after Him,

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