I couldn’t stay away any longer. ..

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

The article from National Review I just posted, touches directly on the heart of the struggle I have been wrestling with for years now. I dropped out of politics during President Obama’s re-election campaign, when I was struck by the level of vitriol and outright hatred against him displayed by otherwise reasonable and loving members of the congregation of the small Southern Baptist church we were members of at the time. I was teaching adult Sunday school and filling the pulpit on occasion, and I attempted to use these opportunities to point out just how in-Christian this behavior was; I was rewarded with blank looks at best, and with flat rebukes that I didn’t understand how destructive “that man” was to the American values which they claimed could only be upheld by the Republican Party. I simply could not argue, because I could not even discern what color the sky was in the world they were living in.

I find myself in that same mindset again, as I watch news coverage of Congressional hearings, juxtaposed with footage of rallies with the very people most at risk wildly cheering for a man who is lying to their faces. I do not pretend to know all the facts, or have all the answers, but I feel I am being compelled by a growing pressure from the Holy Spirit to USE the gifts I have been given to once again attempt to persuade people to hear the Word of God first, then find elected officials willing to act accordingly…I may not succeed any better this time than before, but I cannot simply sit here and do nothing.

Pray for me, friends, I need it.

  1. sonworshiper says:

    I applaud your willingness to call out and question what merits some further consideration, whether it’s blinding rage at the other side (whichever it may be), or blind faith that the side one supports is doing everything right.
    The level of willful ignorance I’ve seen in this election season is highly disappointing. I mean, we all might fall for a partial or biased story now and then–I’ve been schooled a couple times for not digging deeper before going off on what I heard. But people don’t even bother reading the stuff they share or thinking about the consequences of policies they support.
    And that’s without even bringing in the Christian angle, asking “How should we approach politics while staying true to our values?”