About Nicky

My name is Nick Ortega, but in my head, I call myself  “Nicky”, a holdover from what my grandmother always called me. I am 44 years old, married to an incredible woman for 18 years. She has two boys,  aged 26 and 23, I have two girls, aged 25 and 23, from previous marriages. I’m a blue-collar guy from my steel-toed boots on up, but I can also appreciate the finer things in life.


In order of priority, I love God, my wife, our kids, our church, and then everyone else.  I am a Sunday school teacher, an ordained deacon, and a recovering cocaine addict (seven years sober as of 7-15, praises and glory to God!). Those seven years also measure the time I have walked with Him…before that I was operating on my own power, and while I am not going to list all the ways that fell short, I bet you may have some ideas of that yourself!


I hope that you find my writing interesting, challenging, and sometimes provocative…anything but boring! I welcome comments, suggestions, arguments, advice…anything that says someone is reading and thinking.  Let’s talk about it, shall we?

  1. travels with mary says:

    Hey Nick, you won my Endorphin Warrior training giveaway– could you shoot me an email at xtravelswithmary at gmail? (don’t forget the x at the beginning!)

  2. Mare says:

    Hello! I’m popping in from the a-z and don’t see any “comment” options on your posts…except this one. A few posts back you mention your wife’s cancer, your blended family, that you quit smoking and began running. I love finding other believers in the blogosphere and became a follower. My husband is a smoker, and I have prayed for him to quit for 30 years. How did you find success w/ that? My husband’s habit has hurt our relationship, and I pray all the time that God would change his heart of that issue. I know it’s not within my power to change him. I’ve looked around at several of your posts, and plan to check back. Believers can change the world with their blogs, I believer. Come visit, if you’d like:
    from The Dugout

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for stopping by; I have gotten very behind on Challenge posts, but I intend to complete them all, late or not! You have to click on the title of a specific post, or on the speech balloon next to the title, and then you can leave comments on that post; it’s just the way they appear in this theme.
      I found success in quitting through three methods: substitution of habit (traded smoking for running); alternate nicotine delivery system (e-cigs and, briefly, lozenges)…and sheer stubbornness – I think the other two work because I really want them to work! I cannot speak to what your husband should or should not do; my wife prayed for me daily as well, but until I decided, no amount of coercion/bitterness/guilt was ever going to be effective. I would caution you against making this a division point…the enemy will find strongholds on his own, why do the job for him?

  3. Rene Yoshi says:

    Praise the Lord for your recovery and your incredible wife for sticking with you through those difficult years!

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